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Switch-N-Go’s® detachable truck body system is designed to work on all medium duty work trucks.


usa-toughThe Switch-N-Go® body changing system allows you to interchange truck bodies simply and easily in a matter of minutes.  You can set a loaded body on the ground or pick up a loaded body.

The Original system is designed to run with electronically powered hydraulics. This saves you the expense of adding a power take-off and pump to your automatic transmission. The system is offered with 12,000 or 15,000 pound pull capacity winches. The Switch-N-Go® system has all of the benefits of a dump body as the scissor hoist will achieve a 50-degree dump angle, which is perfect for dumping mulch, asphalt, compacted soil, and more, dumping upwards of 11 tons. The system is designed for trucks with a GVWR of 13,000 – 26,000 lbs.

Are you a new owner of a Switch-N-Go® system or do you have a new employee to train on how to use the Switch-N-Go® system? If so, check out the How to use the Switch-N-Go® system video on YouTube.

Additionally, if you have recently purchased a Switch-N-Go® system or do you have a new employee we recommend that you watch the following instructional videos:


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  • Structural tubing: 2” x 5” x .188”
  • Side rollers: 2 ½” diameter
  • Wear bars: ¼”
  • Wire rope: 25’ long
  • Ideal truck GVWR: 13,000 to 26,000 lbs.
  • Lifting capacity: 8.6 ton or 11 ton hoist
  • For Class 3-7 trucks
  • High quality, durable powder coated finish
  • Minimum payload impact
  • Scissor hoist with a 50° dump angle
  • Easy maintenance
  • Toggle switch controller with access inside and outside the cab
  • Positive front body locks and keeper
  • Rear body hold downs
  • Switch-N-Go® Loader System: Sized for trucks with 9’ to 14’ cab to end of frame measurements
  • Scissor Hoist: 5” bore with 16” or 20” stroke and 6” bore with 20” stroke
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Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Switch-N-Go® products are manufactured to high quality standards using top grade commercial steel which is complemented by hydraulic components that are selected to exceed our customer’s needs. Additionally, all Switch-N-Go® products include a manufacturer’s warranty that covers both the hoist systems and individual bodies.

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University of Pittsburgh Seal
Mike Cecere

Fleet Manager, University of Pittsburgh

“With Switch-N-Go, we have the opportunity to create a “machine” that fills our specific needs. This product is so diverse, we’ll never buy another truck without the Switch-N-Go system here at Pitt.

Switch-N-Go is safe to load, it reduces our labor costs while increasing our productivity, and it is fully customizable. You’d be crazy not to buy this system.”

Boast Enterprises
Jared Boast

Boast Enterprises, Sullivan, MO

“I needed a way to go from delivering gravel to leaf removal/collection, to snow plowing & salt spreading, back to leaf removal and finally to rock hauling…all within a 48 hour window! So, I purchased a Switch-N-Go hoist system as well as their dump body, flatbed, and a few drop boxes. I never dreamed that renting out drop boxes would pay for the truck completely! Now my lawn care business uses the truck for FREE and the dumpster rentals pay for the truck!”

Columbia Tree Care
Collin Brown

Columbia Tree

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